About Reflexology

Reflexology is a therapy that is based on the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all parts of the body; these reflexes are worked through pressure and massage.

Reflexology helps to relieve stress and tension; it helps to improve blood supply to all parts of the body; and it helps to rid the body of toxins. In this way Reflexology helps the body’s systems achieve balance so the body can then heal itself. As well as working on a physical level, Reflexology also works on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels because when one level is out of balance it affects all other levels.

I treat men, women and children of all ages with various conditions and stress-related health issues. I know that both Reflexology and Reiki can help people feel better.

For more information, please visit the Association of Reflexologists website, www.aor.org.uk.

UK Reiki Federation website, www.reikifed.co.uk.

About the Reflexologist

I began studying Reflexology in 2012 at the Maureen Burgess School of Reflexology, in East Grinstead.

I have completed further specialist courses including Focused Reflexology for female reproductive health; Power Reflexology for use in the workplace; and reflex points and techniques for back problems, as well as continuing to learn about many other related subjects including the body’s energy system and how thoughts and intention affect it.

It seemed a natural progression to become a Reiki therapist as well and I trained over a period of three years to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

I have also studied Tarot cards for several years and have completed various certified courses. Tarot can bring another element into working with energy by providing guidance and insight into current issues that can then enable you to move forward in life.

Energy is continually moving and changing. We need to keep our body’s energy systems moving. Stagnation leads to blocks in our energy and this can lead to illness. All my work focuses on the body’s energy systems and bringing harmony to those systems so that energy can flow and the body can do the healing it is designed to do.